Alex & I captured by Gregoire Liere

Alex & I captured by Gregoire Liere

I'm a hopeless romantic at heart. I love love. 

My journey into photography started in high school but I picked up the craft seriously while studying my bachelor of Visual Communication at UTS. After that I knew that I couldn't put it down again.

There's nothing I enjoy more than people watching, and capturing memories. I'd describe my style as a raw approach to lifestyle and fine art photography; I strive to make sure my photographs are emotive and filmic. I've been documenting love and life now for 4 years; It's a humble and very rewarding profession that I'm lucky to be a part of. 

When I'm on the "job" I do my best to go unnoticed, allowing the day to unfold naturally and never getting in the way. I like to document people as they are, capturing the humble truth of all the moments and time that has led to this huge occasion. 

If you like my work and are after someone easy-going get in touch and let's chat. I'd love to work together to best tell your story.